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Women & War Arts Festival – July 2017

The So and So Arts Club is proud to present the Women and War: Exodus festival  at the beautiful Streatham Hill Theatre, where we hope to one day find a more permanent home. The festival runs from July 3rd-30th in two pop up venues, the ABOVE and BELOW where we will be screening films, exhibiting photos and pictures and producing theatre and music. We look forward to welcoming you there in our friendly and very reasonably priced bar.

Festival Director Sarah Berger said:

“This year’s Women and War Festival, EXODUS, is a celebratory tribute to the resourcefulness and courage of women from across the world who have found themselves displaced because of war. 

“At a time when the rights of women are under attack as much – if not more – than ever, we will unite our voices with theirs. Any of those women could be your mother, your sister, your daughter, or you. It is not a story of them; it is a story of us.”

There will be circus, readings, plays and seminars across the festival with specific events dedicated to Afghanistan, the charities and individuals who work with refugees both in Streatham itself and across the world.

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