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We have published a number of documents.

Streatham Hill Theatre Timeline – by The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre


A summary of Streatham Hill Theatre’s history from its inception to the current day. It includes many of its key events, and its current status and ongoing concerns. It contains links to sources of background detail.

This document will be kept up to date as appropriate.

Available online.

Statement of Heritage Significance – by Aedas for The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre

“The Streatham Hill Theatre is significant on a number of levels: its place in the work of the original architect W.G.R Sprague, being a rare example of interwar suburban theatre buildings, its aesthetic completeness, quality and scale – and its role in the collective cultural memory of its local community.”

Available online.

Streatham Hill Theatre Programme and Shows – by The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre

A comprehensive list of shows and events held at Streatham Hill Theatre with dates and notes, along with an catalogue of programmes held by The Friends.

Available online.

Statement of Heritage Risk – by The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre

The Streatham Hill Theatre has been recognised by local, national and statutory bodies as a significant heritage asset that is at risk of loss or damage. This document collates the current at-risk statements from those bodies at the time of compilation.

Available online.

Existing Site Condition Report – by The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre

Flooding in basement corridor

Report on the condition of the building, with photographs, following an architects’ visit in February 2019.

Available online.

Viability Study Summary – by FEI for The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre

“The Viability Study and Economic Impact Assessment summarised here, shows how the refurbishment of the currently under-utilised former Streatham Hill Theatre is a real opportunity to make a valuable contribution to the regeneration of Streatham as a major town centre and to addressing inequalities in a diverse and up-and-coming area of Lambeth and South London.”

Available online.

The Streatham Hill Theatre – The story of a suburban theatre by John Cresswell for Streatham Society

The story of a suburban theatre cover

This book tells the story of the theatre from its inception in the late 1920’s as a grand west-end style theatre, through to the end of the 20th century as a bingo hall.

Available to purchase in our shop.

Creative Vision Statement – by The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre

With your support, the Friends would like to see the building not only saved but repurposed as a resource for the local community and the wider creative workforce.

Here is our vision for the future of this amazing historic theatre.

Available online.

Design Summary – by Armeet Panesar for The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre

Prepared by our Lead Architect, Armeet Panesar, this design summary presents a vision of how the design of the theatre can be revised to meet The Friends creative vision.

Available online.

A Virtual Tour of Streatham Hill Theatre – by The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre

A presentation given at our campaign meeting in April 2020. Covering history, showing some photos of the interior, and addressing our vision.

Available online.

Note that you can also explore the theatre using our interactive Imaginarium.

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