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Ruach City Church Opening 30th June 2024

In our last newsletter we noted that Ruach City Church are opening SHT for their first church service at 10am on Sunday 30th June, and that the Bishop has extended an invitation to anyone who wishes to attend.

Since then we have heard more about issues regarding the lack of planning permission, together with concerns regarding health and safety of large numbers attending the building which has been empty for many years.

Therefore the Friends have decided not to attend on Sunday 30th.

As and when the issues are resolved we can revisit the situation.

2 Comments on “Ruach City Church Opening 30th June 2024

  1. I can’t see a planning application for change of use or listed building consent for internal changes on Lambeth planning website associated with the new use class. Assume this has been flagged to Lambeth planning enforcement?

    • Lambeth are aware. They have told us there is a planning application in process but it is not yet fully valid/complete so is not currently published. They have also said that while that application is pending they are not enforcing the change of use.

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