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Month: March 2022

Wake Up and Dream! programme now online

The programme from the theatre’s opening show in 1929 is now available online as a PDF, with thanks to a supporter who lent us an original copy to scan. It joins the collection of programmes in our archive.

“An’ weekends we’d go dancing / Down Streatham on the bus” 🎵

Stay Free, the 1978 song by The Clash (JOE STRUMMER, MICK JONES, PAUL SIMONON, TOPPER HEADON), makes a couple of references to Streatham when it was still a centre of entertainment in the late 70’s. An’ weekends we’d… Read More

More aerial photos

The Historic England Archive allows you to explore over 400,000 digitised photos taken from aerial photo collections of over 6 million photographs. Here are some showing Streatham Hill Theatre, with many being RAF survey photos showing WW2 bomb… Read More

Archive added to the Community Archives and Heritage Group

Our archives are now recorded on the Community Archives at the group’s website.