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Streatham Hill Remains at Risk – Theatres Trust

Today, the Theatres Trust has published their “At Risk” register for 2023 and Streatham Hill Theatre remains on that list.

Since last year’s list was published, there have been changes of ownership and occupation at the theatre, but its future remains uncertain.

In their 2023 register Theatres Trust highlights the change in ownership and say:

“A theatre company that Theatres Trust and local campaign group The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre were supporting had been in discussion with the building’s owner regarding purchasing the property. However, in May 2022 it was reported that the theatre had been sold to another buyer – a property development company. Despite the efforts of the campaign group to discuss options on the theatre, the building was then sold onward at a reportedly vast increase in price to church group, the Rauch City Church. The church currently has a base in neighbouring Brixton but had been seeking a new property. The organisation also owns the Grade II* listed Gaumont State, Kilburn. Rauch City Church will need to apply for planning permission for a change of use to enable use for public worship or religious instruction.

“The Friends, theatre company and Theatres Trust are all seeking discussions with the church to understand if there may be opportunity for a shared theatre and / or community use of the space.

“Prior to the sale to Rauch City Church, Merkur and Mecca were released from their leasehold responsibilities, including, it is understood, dilapidation costs. We remain concerned about the condition of the building, particularly as it is vacant making it ever more vulnerable to deterioration.

“We will continue to support The Friends of Streatham Hill Theatre and work with them, the council, and other key stakeholders, to seek to progress discussions with the new owner and ensure that the building, its historic fabric, and community and live performance use are protected.”

The theatre in 2023, now missing its old signage.

Kind donation of many more Programmes

We have received a large batch of programmes from Elizabeth Maytom, whose mother and grandmother were regular and avid attendees at the theatre both pre-war and post-war, when they lived in ABC roads.


We’ll be cataloguing them and adding them to our archives, joining a growing collection of programmes.

Crown & Sceptre reopens

A while back we heard that the Crown and Sceptre was closing and at risk. We’re pleased to hear it has reopened under new management, who say:

We are thrilled to announce that the Crown and Sceptre has re-opened. The new team are set on bringing the community back to the pub and restoring its good old days by reconnecting with the locals. Expect new weekly events, live music, DJs, a tasty new food & drinks menu (including cocktails!), pub quiz, themed nights and more, and you can catch all the sport across its 5 60 inch LED screens! The 500 square foot pub is also available for private hire, and offers 9 fully kitted-out bedrooms for any guests looking to stay.

Email / Phone +44 20 8077 5445 / Instagram @crownandsceptresw2

2a Streatham Hill, London SW2 4AH

New issue of theatre history book for 93rd birthday

The 20th November 2022 is the 93rd anniversary of the opening of Streatham Hill Theatre in 1929.

To celebrate we have reprinted John Cresswell’s fascinating book The Streatham Hill Theatre: The story of a suburban theatre.

This issue is a facsimile of the original book published in 2000, using some original covers left over from the original print run. The number of copies is limited by the available covers. You can buy your own copy at our online shop.

A visit to Streatham Hill Theatre to play Bingo in 1994

If you didn’t look at the floor level it could still be a theatre. The seats of the dress circle and upper circle still in situ. The mouldings still etched out in gilt, somewhat faded, the columns and the boxes. The non-smoking area was on “the stage” with nailed down benches and tables in bright blue rather like a British Rail cafeteria. In fact, stage left was a café depicted by a neon sign, in case we hadn’t realised, selling sandwiches, soft drinks and even hot meals.

On stage right there was a row of one arm bandits where punters jammed in their one-pound coins in the interval. Some of the original doors remained at the back of the stage, and I imagined the corridors to the dressing rooms and wondered if they were still intact or cordoned off due to health and safety.

I gazed out from the stage, feeling the tears well up as I remembered my father Jack singing “I’ve got a Motto” in The Arcadians, with me watching him from the stalls on my birthday in 1956, and the cake I had backstage afterwards.

Somehow the birdie song was not appropriate. Did no one else feel this loss of theatre?

Jill Stanford

Update: Theatre being de-Bingo’ed!

After the sale of the freehold of Streatham Hill Theatre to Ruach City Church, the leaseholders Merkur have been clearing out their bingo fittings, including external signage.

From Land Registry documents we understand that Merkur’s slot machine operation will remain in place on part of the ground floor, and that Mecca’s head lease has been terminated.

Ruach are expected to use the rest of the building for their own purposes, but may be open to sub-letting or hiring out parts.

Campaign continues after theatre ownership change

Back in July 2022 we heard that the theatre freehold had been sold again, to Ruach City Church. Since then, we have held our AGM and Campaign meetings to update and discuss our plans. Ruach have been in touch with The Friends and some of us met with them recently. We have also been in touch with Lambeth officers and Councillors, Theatres Trust, and the theatre company who lost out on acquiring the building.

The campaign is continuing with the same aims, but now we are able to engage with the building owners, which was not happening before, and those owners want the building primarily as it is and not as a development opportunity.

Ruach plan to use the building for their own purposes, as a church and centre for their South London congregation, currently meeting in Brixton. The Brixton site has been sold to pay for the theatre, which they have apparently been interested in acquiring for many years. They tell us they love the theatre and want to keep the scale and décor for their new home. They have a larger Grade II* cinema in Kilburn which they converted to a church some years ago, which is likely to be a model for Streatham Hill.

Ruach have a target to bring the auditorium into use in the next two years, then continue to renovate the rest of the building. It’s early days and they will need to go through planning permission/change of use and listed building applications. It seems likely that they will aim to save the heritage of the building itself. It remains our aim to ensure its heritage as a theatre is preserved, its inherent capability for future use as a theatre is not disabled, and that capability is encompassed by any renovations.

The aforementioned theatre company have now been introduced to Ruach, and we obviously hope for a positive outcome from any talks between the two organisations.

Our campaign is still seeking community access to see and use the building in a meaningful way, alongside Ruach’s own uses, for arts/culture and community activity as outlined by our aims and vision.

In the short term we have asked Ruach if they might open up for Open House or the Streatham Festival this year, and if there might be opportunities to use the building while they are planning and designing their renovations.

We will continue to talk with Ruach, Lambeth and our Councillors, Theatres Trust etc. as Ruach go through that planning process to do all we possibly can to meet the campaign aims.

Jill Stanford remembers her father Jack Stanford and Streatham Hill Theatre 📺

Jill Stanford is the daughter of Jack Stanford the Dancing Fool, who was an eccentric tap dancer mime artist.

She has wonderful memories of going to the Streatham Hill Theatre to see her father in a production of the Arcadians, which she recounts in this interview with our Memories project lead Stephanie Black. There’s a transcript available (PDF).

There’s more about Jack Stanford in The Dancing Fool Facebook Group

Grandson of Theatre Creator Hugh Sewell Kingdon visits Streatham Hill 📺

Christopher Hugh Kingdon, the grandson of Hugh Sewell Kingdon, who created the Theatre and the nearby Locarno, along with his family, visited Streatham Hill.

The Kingdon Family outside Streatham Hill Theatre

Our Memories project lead Stephanie Black asked Chris to tell us about his grandfather and his connection. There’s a transcript available too (PDF).