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Memories and Archives

Top of Proscenium Arch

The Friends would love to hear any personal memories you have relating to the theatre, which we can publish here on this website. Our Memories project lead and professional photographer Stephanie Black can take photographs and/or video an interview with you.

We are also interested in images and photos, video, audio, posters, programmes etc. relating to Streatham Hill Theatre to add to our growing archive and to add to our knowledge about it.

Please get in touch by email or phone, or come to a campaign meeting.

There are items from the theatre’s history held in other public archives, with online catalogues (search for Streatham Hill Theatre), including:

Here are our most recent memories posts:

Streatham Theatre Company’s blog has also been collecting memories of Streatham, including a number involving Streatham Hill Theatre.

The Streatham Society also post about the history of Streatham Hill Theatre on Twitter and their website.