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Programmes delivered from Australia!

We recently received a message from John Flower, offering programmes his father had collected. John has hand delivered them to us while visiting England. Thank you John!

There’s a full list of performances at Streatham Hill Theatre, and the programmes we hold, in our published document.


I have sixteen original programmes from 1936-1939 productions at the Streatham Hill Theatre. They belonged to my father who, in his 20s, drove to Streatham to see these plays.

I have kept them along with other programmes from shows my father saw at other London theatres also in the 1930s and 1950s. Rather than throw them out I felt it would be better to return them to whence they came.

My father drove to Streatham from Farnborough (Orpington) where he was born and lived until 1935, when the family moved to Tonbridge.

I do remember when, as children we drove to London, my father knew all the roads and Leigham Court Road was always mentioned. Looking at Google maps I now see how easy it would have been to drive from Farnborough to Streatham.

The programmes brought me great pleasure as I realised how many top productions and actors Dad saw. 

He went on to act in and produce plays for the Tonbridge Theatre and Arts Club, now known as the Oast Theatre, but sadly died aged 62 in 1976 and I never had the chance to talk to him about all those productions he saw.”

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