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Jim McManus, Actor, Remembers… 📻

Staś Smagala interviews 83-year-old retired actor and Streatham resident, Jim McManus. Jim still has a few fond memories of his days as a touring actor and working at the theatre. He played Corporal Flight and was Assistant Stage Manager on Simple Spymen at Streatham Hill Theatre in October 1961, which had a famous cast including Timothy West and Andrew Sachs.

Jim McManus Remembers Streatham Hill Theatre. Transcript (PDF). Source: Staś Smagala / FoSHT
Jim McManus Remembers Streatham. Transcript (PDF). Source: Staś Smagala / FoSHT

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One Comment on “Jim McManus, Actor, Remembers… 📻

  1. Jim remembers being Stage Manager and understudy in ‘A Taste of Honey’ in 1960 and cast member in ‘Simple Spyman’ in 1961.

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