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Beacon Bingo announcement: January 2017

Beacon Bingo has announced today an opportunity to work with businesses to replace Beacon Bingo at Streatham Hill Theatre. Beacon Bingo Streatham Hill, part of the Praesepe group of companies, has offered Bingo to its customers for over 50 years and was formerly known as Streatham Hill Theatre which opened in the 1920s. At one time in the 1960’s the venue was the largest Bingo Club in London. Prior to the club offering Bingo it operated for forty years as one of the largest theatres outside the West End and still has many of the original features from its Theatre days.

Recently a ‘Open House’ night was held at the Club, VIP guests were given guided tours of the building and after the Bingo session a short play was performed for an audience of 200 people (written by Craig White, General Manager) which served to demonstrate the fantastic acoustics in the main

Nick Harding, CEO of Praesepe said: “The outstanding contribution of all staff and management at this club for over 50 years has enabled us to provide a great service to the local community. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, the Bingo club has recently started to make a trading loss and
we have to move on with other plans for the building”.

Nick continued: “ We have now decided to scale back our traditional Bingo offer in the Club but will continue to provide a form of electronic bingo in a smaller area behind the main foyer. Having surveyed other potential uses for the Theatre we are planning now to seek a commercial partner who would be interested in reopening the beautiful Cocktail bar at first floor, we will also reopen three floors of offices at the rear of the building and of course we would very much like to work with a theatre group who might be interested in reviving what is an historic theatre. I am personally determined to breathe life back into this magnificent building alongside all the other exciting building and residential projects currently taking place in Streatham and will be prepared to be as helpful as I possibly can to any organisation that wishes to talk to us”.

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