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Streatham Hill: the greatest entertainment centre in Britain

Back in 1970, Eric Morley, head of Mecca and founder of Miss World, called Streatham Hill “the greatest entertainment centre in Britain”.

At that time there was:

  • the Streatham Hill Theatre, which became the flagship Mecca Bingo Club in 1962
  • the Gaumont Palace cinema, which became the Streatham Bowl bowling alley also in 1962
  • the Streatham Astoria, a cinema theatre, reopened in 1961 as the Odeon
  • the ABC cinema, formerly the Regal prior to 1960
  • the Locarno ballroom renamed in 1969 as the Cat’s Whiskers Club
  • the ice rink, renamed Silver Blades (also in 1962)

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