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The Devil Rides Back show image

Halloween 2015 – The Devil Rides Back to Streatham Hill 📺

Supernatural author Dennis Wheatley wrote many books based on the occult. For a time Wheatley lived in Streatham and his last house here burned down in mysterious circumstances!

His most famous book is The Devil Rides Out, published in 1934 shortly after Streatham Hill Theatre opened. It is rumoured that the theatre was built over a very auspicious site for devil worship, and that there have been some very spooky goings on there. This behind the scenes tour of the old theatre hopes to spread some light into the darkness…or maybe the other way round!?

Presented by Streatham Theatre Company, The Devil Rides Back is a theatrical performance where anything might happen! You must be 18 or over to attend due to licensing restrictions. You will be entering non-public and unused areas of this listed building and must be able to climb stairs.

There’s a video of the show here.

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