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  • STC’s Memories of Streatham Blog

    Streatham Theatre Company’s blog has been collecting memories of Streatham, including a number involving Streatham Hill Theatre. The blog was started as part of the Playing with Sugar project: “We involved local people in devising and performing a new… Read More

  • Access All Eras – Halloween at Streatham Hill Theatre

    At Hallowe’en (All Hallows Eve and All Hallows Day) ghouls and ghosts – and old actors – come out of the fabric of this historic theatre. This is a rare chance for a night time tour of our local former theatre,… Read More

  • “Hitler did not like Panto” for Streatham Festival 2015

    As part of the Streatham Festival in 2015, Lucy Spanyol created a series of blue plaques for various sites around Streatham, including the Streatham Hill Theatre. It alludes to the bombing of the theatre during World War 2…. Read More

  • Breaking the Code – Streatham Festival 2015

    Streatham’s very own theatre company, STC, presents Breaking the Code at Streatham Hill Theatre, for this year’s Streatham Festival. It tells the story of Alan Turing, who was the eccentric genius who helped break the complex German Enigma… Read More

  • Halloween 2015 – The Devil Rides Back to Streatham Hill 📺

    Supernatural author Dennis Wheatley wrote many books based on the occult. For a time Wheatley lived in Streatham and his last house here burned down in mysterious circumstances! His most famous book is The Devil Rides Out, published in… Read More

  • Beacon Bingo Gala Night with tour by STC

    Streatham Theatre Company provided a history tour of the theatre for Beacon Bingo’s gala night on 14th November 2015. SHARE VIA TwitterFacebookEmail

  • Streatham Festival 2016 – Shakespeare Plays: Bingo

    To celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary (of his death), Streatham Theatre Company will be presenting a tour of the historic Streatham Hill Theatre with snippets of scenes from his famous plays that have been performed there, including Merchant of… Read More

  • History tour by STC for Beacon Bingo event

    Streatham Theatre Company provided a history tour of the theatre as part of the Beacon Bingo gala night on 26th November 2016, which featured a new play ‘Top of the Shop’ written by manager Craig White and directed… Read More

  • Theatre is “At Risk”: January 2017

    In 2017 the theatre was added to the Theatres Trust’s Theatres at Risk Register due to the possibility of redevelopment of the building or sale of part/s of the building, meaning that “the auditorium itself may be left… Read More

  • Beacon Bingo announcement: January 2017

    Beacon Bingo has announced today an opportunity to work with businesses to replace Beacon Bingo at Streatham Hill Theatre. Beacon Bingo Streatham Hill, part of the Praesepe group of companies, has offered Bingo to its customers for over… Read More