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  • Streatham Hill before the Theatre

    This view from around 1912 is from close to Downton Avenue looking south towards Streatham Hill railway station. On the right the gardens with large houses were demolished to make way for entertainment buildings such as the Streatham… Read More

  • A new theatre for the “West End of South London”: 26th October 1927

    Streatham Hill Theatre (SHT) was designed by W. G. R Sprague and W. H.Barton, with a capacity of around 2800 and a stage the size of the LondonPalladium. It formed part of Streatham’s theatre and entertainment offer when… Read More

  • Magnificent New Theatre for Streatham

    The Norwood News of 31 August 1928 featured plans for the new Streatham Hill Theatre as part of a larger development to include a cinema and palais de danse. See the front page here, with thanks to Streatham… Read More

  • Foundation Stone Laye’d: 6th September 1928

    Over 90 years ago local resident and international celebrity of stage and screen, Evelyn Laye laid the foundation stone for the Streatham Hill Playhouse as it was originally to be known. SHARE ON TwitterFacebook

  • Share Issue for Streatham Hill Playhouse Ltd

    Streatham Hill Playhouse Share Application Form: SHARE ON TwitterFacebook

  • The Stage: Streatham Hill Playhouse opening

    The new Streatham Hill Playhouse will open on November 11, when the company now playing “Hold Everything” at the Palace Theatre will supply the opening attraction. The Stage 7/11/1929. As it happens opening was delayed due to incomplete… Read More

  • Theatre opens: 20th November 1929

    The Streatham Hill Theatre was due to open, offering “West End shows at provincial prices”, on Monday 18th November 1929, but wasn’t quite ready. It was ready enough to open on the Wednesday, 20th November 1929, with the… Read More

  • W. G. R. Sprague, theatre architect, dies

    William George Robert Sprague, the renowned theatre architect, has died only four years after his last theatre opened. Sprague was the architect of Streatham Hill Theatre (along with W. H. Barton) which opened in November 1929. He lived… Read More

  • First appearances in London since war began

    Flyer for ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ at the Streatham Hill Theatre from 23rd October 1939, annotated by Lucy Awdry: ‘All Star Cast, their first appearance in London since war began’. In September 1939 all cinemas and theatres… Read More

  • Serious Bomb Damage: 3rd July 1944

    At 6.30am on the morning of Monday 3rd July 1944 a flying bomb destroyed the side wall of the theatre. Sleeping inside the theatre was an air-raid warden and his family on fire-watch duty. The bomb blew a gaping… Read More