Vision for the Inside

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Workspace Other spaces Multi-use spaces Basement spaces A balcony bar? View the frontage Click to see the Architect's Design Statement for the Vision Multi-purpose auditorium The stage Click to see the Creative Vision (PDF)


Room for co-working space in parts of the dressing room block.

Other spaces

The main auditorium could be divided to reduce its size and create other smaller spaces for film, lectures etc.

Multi-use spaces

Rehearsal spaces, event spaces, meeting rooms

Basement spaces

Room for events, recording, rehearsal etc.

A balcony bar?

Bar, cocktail bar and event space.

Multi-purpose auditorium

Flexible arrangements for different types of shows. Perhaps a pop-up “clear cube” theatre with a smaller stage inside. But with access to a full stage as needed.

The stage

With the safety curtain in, this can be a full height “west-end” rehearsal space, or a studio theatre. With the safety curtain out, a full size stage for the auditorium.

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